Leaf Collection


Starting Monday, October 30th and running through December 21st, the Town of Farmville will operate its vacuum service leaf collection.  Before and after these dates, leaves must be bagged and called in for regular Monday pickups.  Leaf Collection Map (PDF)

The first week, October 30th - November 3rd, the vacuum truck will do spot pickup.  The whole town should be covered during the spot pickup period.  

  •  Area 1 – November 6th – 14th 
  • Area 2 – November 15th – 22nd
  • Area 3 – November 27th – December 4th
  • Vacuum truck will do spot pickup as needed – December 5th – 21st 

 The whole town should be covered during the spot pickup period.  

A brief description of the Areas is as follows:

 Area 1 – “The Greens”, all Avenues and through streets, Lee, Jesse’s, Cabbell’s, Hill, Griffin, Race, High, Germantown and Westhill.  

 Area 2 – Oak, Buffalo, Beech, North, Randolph, St. George, Garden, Appomattox, Grove, W. 3rd, Agee, Cobb, Holman, Layne, Jackson Heights and all streets north of Appomattox River.  

 Area 3 – All areas east of Main St. and south of Appomattox River, including the Belmont Circle and Crestview Dr. areas. Partial list of streets includes Second St., Park, South, Bridge, E. 3rd., Vaughan, Persimmon Tree Fork, Roberts, Noblin, Stonewood, Virginia, Hylawn, Woodrow, Cedar, Serpell, Watson, Glenn, “A”, Longwood Ave., Putney, Winston, Church, Front, Gross, Parkview, Reed, Spottswood, Andrews Dr., Vernon, Wiley, Laurel, Catlin, Barber, Milnwood, Greenhouse, Ford, Scott and Graham.

 A map of the service areas provided on the opposite side of this schedule.

 Leaves must be out by 7:30 a.m. on the first scheduled day of your collection week.  Rake your leaves to the curb or to the property line near your street. Do not rake leaves into the street!  Keep leaf piles clear of drainage ditches, pipes, and culverts.   If you need leaves for composting to help nourish your plants or garden, the town will deliver leaves to you on a first-call, first-serve basis.  Keep all rocks, branches, and twigs out of your leaf piles, as they will damage the equipment.  Hazardous debris must be removed from piles before leaves will be picked up.  Your cooperation in properly preparing leaves for collection will help us do our best to serve you.  *Because of hazards of public safety and to our environment, state law prohibits leaf burning.

 Please have leaves ready and free of all other debris. For additional information, call (434) 392-3331.