Farmville-Police Department PatchThe Farmville Police Department is currently comprised of 26 full-time sworn police officers and two civilian employees. The department is currently led by Chief Andy Ellington. We are responsible for all law enforcement duties within the Town's corporate limits, as well as at any Town-owned property that may lie outside the Town limits (eg: Farmville Municipal Airport).

The department has many functions, some of which are:

  • Answering citizen calls for service;
  • Enforcing all criminal/traffic laws of the Commonwealth and ordinances of the Town;
  • Investigating automobile crashes;
  • Criminal and narcotics Investigations;
  • Promoting safety and citizen welfare through Neighborhood Watch programs, Triad, and other civic awareness opportunities.

    Visit the Organizational Chart to understand the structure of the police department.

State of the Department

Visit the latest State of the Department Annual Reports. This report is provided by the Chief of Police to the Town Council every year. 


The Officers and staff of the Farmville Police Department enjoy being involved in our town. As such, we want to keep you up to date on some of the programs we offer:

Child Seat Safety Check

We have two certified officers that can show you the correct seat for your child and how to properly install it.

Law Enforcement Explorer Post 656

A program affiliated with the Boy Scouts of America that meets the first and third Wednesday, September through April, at 7 pm at the South Street Conference Center. Exploring is a way for young people interested in a career in law enforcement to learn more about the job and participate in many related activities and training.


We are a vital part of the Prince Edward County TRIAD, a program that addresses concerns and problems of interest to our older residents. Pertinent information and good fellowship are just two of the benefits

Help Save the Next Girl

A program that seeks to sensitize young women and girls to predatory danger and is run in conjunction with Longwood University sororities

Four members of the Drug Take Back Program at an eventDrug Take-Back Program

An event that gives residents a place to legally and safely dispose of unwanted/expired prescription drugs.

Blue Christmas

We work with Social Services to identify children that might not otherwise receive Christmas presents and raise funds to take them shopping at local businesses.

House of Worship Security

We have officers specially trained in security issues as they pertain to houses of worship.

Community at National Night Out event with large banner

National Night out

Neighborhoods hold outdoor socials on the first Tuesday in August that brings law enforcement and citizens together to stand up against crime. Our program is a National Award Winner.

Farmville Fire Department and Farmville Policemen hold an awardHeartland Heroes Blood Drive

We cosponsor spring blood drive every year in which the Farmville Fire Department and the Farmville Police Department have a friendly competition to recruit the most blood donors.