Meet the Officers

Command Staff

Portrait of Chief of Police Andy Ellington
Chief A. Q. "Andy" Ellington
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Deputy Police Chief and Captain William H Bill Hogan
Deputy Police Chief & Captain William H. "Bill" Hogan
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Administrative Officer John R. Garrett
Administrative Officer John R. Garrett
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Lieutenant Christopher W. MossLieutenant Christopher W. Moss
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Lieutenant Bobby RaglandLieutenant Bobby Ragland
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Sergeant Danny BowmanSergeant Danny Bowman
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Sergeant H.A. Hoyle, Jr.Sergeant H.A. Hoyle, Jr.
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Sergeant Christie Mouser BoothSergeant Christie Mouser Booth
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Sergeant David RaglandSergeant David Ragland
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Sergeant Gary WilliamsSergeant Gary Williams
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Corporal Justin BowlesCorporal Justin Bowles
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Corporal Stewart GodseyCorporal Stewart Godsey
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Corporal Arthur Rolle IVCorporal Arthur Rolle IV
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Officer Rachel Herndon
Corporal Rachel Herndon
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Patrol Division

Officer Kyle BrittonOfficer Kyle Britton
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Officer Peter CarterOfficer Peter Carter
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Officer Chad HudsonOfficer Chad Hudson
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Officer Thomas LoganOfficer Thomas Logan
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Officer HarrisonTurnbullOfficer Harrison Turnbull
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Officer Christopher WestOfficer Christopher West
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Special Operations Division
Detective A. R. BappertDetective A. R. Bappert
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Detective S. L. EntrekinDetective S. L. Entrekin
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Detective B. H. PauletteDetective B. H. Paulette
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Administrative Anita Allen
Administrative Assistant Anita Allen
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Administrative Assistant and Accreditation Dale Dowdy
Administrative Assistant/Accreditation Daly Dowdy
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Chaplin Bishop Rex Williams
Chaplain Bishop Rex Williams
Chaplin Jonathan Gray
Chaplain Jonathan Gray
Chaplain William Bill ColvinChaplain William "Bill" Colvin