Underground Utility Policy

It is the Town of Farmville's policy for all underground utilities to be placed under all Towns utilities such as water, sewer, culverts, etc. The Town of Farmville makes all taps on its own lines and runs to the property line. If a situation comes up that may alter this policy, plans must be submitted and a meeting scheduled to discuss the particular situation. All underground utilities except water lines, sewer lines, and culverts must be sleeved in schedule 80 PVC pipe and be located at least 24" from the Towns utilities. There should also be a location tape in the ditch and an aboveground marker depicting the type of line and direction of travel of said line. No utilities will be on top of any existing Town utility lines without prior approval. There must be a 24" separation to the side and underneath. Any Town right-of-way or Town property that is disturbed shall be restored to existing condition or better when utilities are installed, repaired, or replaced.

The Town of Farmville requires a set of plans detailing streets being crossed, utilities, and at what depth. The Town will require utility marker indicators on each side of the road being crossed detailing the beginning and the end. Anytime there is work being performed at or near town property, the property will be inspected before the utility is installed. If the town property (sidewalks, curb, and gutter, street pavement, water lines, sewer lines, valves, meters, etc.) has a problem the Town will need to be notified before any work commences. If this does not occur, then the utility company will be held responsible to repair and/or replace the property to proper conditions per town personnel criteria. It is up to the utility company to notify the Town of any and all locations that will affect town properties.

All utilities set will be on the right-of-way, preferably with the existing utilities and the new utility being placed on the opposite end of the water and/or sewer taps, meter boxes, cleanout pipes whenever possible. Also, any utility stubs or boxes in front of private property must be approved by the property owner.